Why "Podge" Blog?

Here’s the story behind my wordpress URL…

When I was thinking about making a blog (and creeping on everyone else’s blogs) I began to notice everyone had clever catch phrases for themselves. Nothing cool goes with Jenn. Other than JumpingJennifer. Which  I used up many-a-time in elementary school when you play that game where you add an adjective to your name. Anyways all these bloggers had cool names that sounded poetic and evoked beauty. I was at a loss.

Around that time I had been staring at my cat thinking how oddly shaped she was. She’s small and skinny so she’s definitely not a “pudge” but sometimes when she spreads herself out of the floor I thought she looked like a… well, a “podge” shape. Awkward and round but not fat and gooey. (…..?)

Now I understand that I did not make this word up, but not many people use it, and I like to pretend that I did. So I began calling her a podge. All the time.

I really love my cat (OBSESSED) and since she’s been a good friend of mine in rough times I kind of associate her with my growing and healing. Like the purpose of this blog.

Okay, you can laugh now.



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