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You know those days when you feel like you’re starting to sink?!

Those days when something molded in your trunk and it’d be nice if the weather was warmer so cleaning everything out wouldn’t be so miserable.

When you get a letter in the mail from the city that they apparently never received your 2011 income tax… The week you’re starting to work on your 2012 taxes. And all your paperwork is still in boxes from when you moved.

When you finally got your proof of insurance mailed in from that annoying random check the BMV does that requires a lot of legwork (particularly when you moved and never got the initial letter)… Only to get a new letter in the mail about registration.

When you have lots of big decisions you need to spend time talking with yourself and God about. When it’s time to take ownership of your dreams and your life and make changes.

When your relationships with other people are getting distant because there are so many people you want to reach out to… and family you need to be praying for daily.

When you just want to sit in church and be a listener and go out to lunch after and set aside responsibilities. But you can’t because you’re called to more than that and your apartment is a wreck and you need to go home and organize and clean.

When you just get really pissed that you’re ALONE when other people leave church in pairs or go home to their families. You try to walk that fine line between letting yourself be pissed because that’s okay and not becoming bitter about it.

When you just have so many loose ends that need wrapped up and have no idea how to be healthy and still get them all done.

When you just need to scream and take a deep breath and put your eyes on Jesus and forget about all the Christianese that makes your stomach turn.

When you just need someone to come alongside you and say, “How can I help?”

That’s today for me.