Lord, please keep my heart soft in the waiting.

Cynicism and hurt sink in when disappointment and let downs happen. When people are people and don’t follow through. When I forget that your bigger plan is above my realm of immediate understanding. I open my heart and am hopeful and giving and open. I am hurt and let down and misunderstood. I want to build up walls to protect myself. I want to scoff at the situation and make jokes and dismiss it indefinitely; building up further obstacles for someone else to encounter. 

Do not let my heart harden. Do not let me harbor bitterness and resentment and skepticism. Lord, keep my heart warm and moldable. Do with it what you wish. Even if it hurts. Prepare it. Heal it. Equip it. Do not let this feel like waiting, isolation, a holding cell. Do not let me feel there is something wrong with me that I am not yet ready. Give me peace to walk out my story. Show me how my very small story is woven into your GREAT story. 

Fix my eyes on the things above. Speak your promises to me. Give me the desires of my heart.


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